More Monsters

-by Paul Kane

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Be afraid. Be incredibly afraid…again, because More Monsters are here! One man finds himself in the midst of a zombie uprising, while another is trapped between floors – and between realities – in a lift. A woman heads off to meet her boyfriend’s mysterious family at the coast, while another has to resist a Hell demon’s greatest temptations. And as two singers return from the grave for one final performance, a genetically engineered creature escapes from captivity to start a revolution… Werewolves, zombies, vampires, bugs, this sequel to the British Fantasy Award-nominated Monsters from the imagination of bestselling and award-winning author Paul Kane (Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell, Before) has them all! With cover art from Dominic Harman (The Hellbound Heart, Cabal) and an introduction from Simon Bamford (Hellraiser, Nightbreed), brace yourself – because this truly is a time of Monsters!

MORE MONSTERS is available as a numbered hardback, strictly limited to 50 copies worldwide and signed by both Paul Kane and Simon Bamford.

Numbered, Signed Hardback – £14.99

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  • Format ~ Collection
  • Length ~ 246 pages
  • Published ~ 14th July 2018

Paul Kane is an award-winning, bestselling writer and editor based in Derbyshire, UK. His short story collections include Alone (In the Dark), Touching the Flame, FunnyBones, Peripheral Visions, Shadow Writer, The Adventures of Dalton Quayle, The Butterfly Man and Other Stories, The Spaces Between, Ghosts, the British Fantasy Award-nominated Monsters, Shadow Casting, Nailbiters and Death. His novellas include The Lazarus Condition, RED and Pain Cages. He is the author of such novels as Of Darkness and Light, The Gemini Factor and the bestselling Arrowhead trilogy, a post-apocalyptic reworking of the Robin Hood mythology. His latest novels are Lunar (which is set to be turned into a feature film), Sleeper(s) (a modern, horror version of Sleeping Beauty), the short Y.A. novel The Rainbow Man (as P.B. Kane), the sequel to REDBlood RED – the critically-acclaimed and award-winning Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell and Before.