Terrible Things

-by David Surface-

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“Compassionate, astute and beautifully crafted, these are horror stories with soul.” —Laura Mauro

“Put simply, these stories are some of the very best weird fiction has to offer.” —James Everington

“One of our greatest contemporary writers.” —Ralph Robert Moore

Thirteen stories in which people reach the limits of their known worlds. Stories where ghosts take many forms, where the monsters are sometimes human, sometimes not. Stories where desperate people find out what they’re capable of, and husbands and wives traveling on dark roads discover how lost they truly are. Stories where the discoveries people make come at a cost, and crossing over into the unknown can be both liberating and terrifying.

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  • Format ~ Collection
  • Length ~ 290 pages
  • Published ~ 26th March 2020
  • ISBN ~ 978-1-913038-51-9