-by Jo M Thomas-

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In an alternative 2017 where computer viruses are still taking down businesses and social media algorithms are still programmed to profile everybody, join Aurora – the social platform that shines a light for everyone – in watching new user, Siward Walls, watching back.

“A unique and innovative tale of artificial intelligence. Thomas goes down the rabbit hole of the internet and arrives in a world of false personalities, bonkers online games and the truth of who you really are.”
—Cate Gardner, author of The Bureau of Them and These Foolish and Harmless Delights

“…a seminal novella, a modern take on the traditional epistolary style. A unique read that will make you question what it is that makes us human.”
—Penny Jones, author of Suffer Little Children

“One of the most promising new writers in recent years, Jo M Thomas more than delivers in this unique, gripping and delightfully surreal tale. Cleverly unveiling its central mystery through authentic and organic environmental storytelling, Aurora is a prescient story for the internet age.”
—Laura Mauro, British Fantasy Award-winning author of Sing Your Sadness Deep

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  • Format ~ Novella
  • Length ~ 274 pages
  • Published ~ 5th November 2020
  • ISBN ~ 978-1-913038-58-8

Jo M Thomas is a tech druid by day, genre writer in the evening, and dog-parent all the time. She’s pretty sure she used to have other interests, but she’s mislaid them in a combination of lockdown and anxiety.