Quiet Hauntings

-by Simon Kurt Unsworth

Available June

For reasons that still remain a mystery, author Simon Kurt Unsworth decided to create a theatrical version of several of his short stories and to then help put on the production. Several months of confusion followed, culminating in three performances of what had become known as Quiet Hauntings. Along the way there were edits, wholesale changes, excisions and additions and at least one bout of near hysteria as author, director and cast tried to wrangle ghosts, farmers, cows and a legal mystery into some kind of coherent, dramatic and satisfying narrative. This play is the result.

Quiet Hauntings: The first play by acclaimed author Simon Kurt Unsworth.

Paperback – £7.99



  • Format ~ Play
  • Length ~ TBC
  • Published ~ 27th June 2024
  • ISBN ~ 978-1-913038-90-8