Made for the Dark


John Llewellyn Probert
Hardback, available now

Back in the 1970s, when most little boys were busy dreaming of being an astronaut or a train driver, John Llewellyn Probert wanted to be Rod Serling or Roald Dahl, introducing a different tale of terror on television every week. Now, in his first collection in seven years, Mr Probert gets to achieve that lifelong ambition in prose form, as he acts as host to both previously uncollected tales and brand new horrors. He sincerely hopes his dreams won’t give you nightmares. Well, not so many you’ll stop coming back for more…
MADE FOR THE DARK is available as a numbered hardback, strictly limited to 50 copies worldwide and signed by the author.


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John Llewellyn Probert wanted to be Rod Serling when he was little (see above) and so he wrote this book. He also wanted to be lots of other things, including the author of the Vincent Price movie Theatre of Blood. His own version, The Nine Deaths of Dr Valentine, won the British Fantasy Award. Both it and its sequel, The Hammer of Dr Valentine, are available from Snowbooks. Oh, and he finally did write a book about Theatre of Blood – it’s in the Electric Dreamhouse series of movie monographs available from PS Publishing. His newest novella is the Lovecraftian thriller Dead Shift (Horrific Tales Publishing).
His novel The Lovecraft Squad: All Hallows Horror came out from New York-based publisher Pegasus in 2017. Endeavour Press has published Ward 19, Bloody Angels and The Pact – three crime books featuring his pathologist heroine Parva Corcoran – and Knife to Skin, a standalone thriller in the giallo style.
He is currently trying to review every cult movie in existence at his House of Mortal Cinema at and a complete bibliography of his work can be found at Forthcoming projects include the third Dr Valentine book, yet another short story collection, another novel, and more books about his favourite films. He never sleeps.