In Dog We Trust


Edited by Anthony Cowin
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  • Painted Wolves by Ray Cluley
  • Man’s Best Friend by Gary Fry
  • I Love You Mary-Grace by Amelia Mangan
  • Leader of the Pack by William Meikle
  • Hikikomori by Adam Millard
  • Good Girl by Steven Chapman
  • Queen Bitch by Lily Childs
  • Chihuahua by Mark West
  • Mulligan Street by D.T. Griffith
  • Burger Van by Michael Bray
  • A Dog is For Death by Phil Sloman


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In aid of Birmingham Dogs Home
The grey wolves howled and scratched at our doors until we let them in. We fed them, tamed them and made them our companions. For millennia they were hunters at our side. We evolved together and survived with each other. We built myths and religions on their backs. From lycans to dog-headed gods like Anubis.
yet we were always the master, they the servant.
That is until recently when evolution has played a horrifying trick. Now our roles are reversed.
But some of us are fighting back. The story of the mankind is far from over and the story of the new dog masters has only just begun. Though one thing is certain…
Man’s best friend has become mankind’s worst enemy.