For Tomorrow

-edited by Dan Coxon-

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Wellbrook High is the school that needs no introduction. After the infamous events of 1993, it has become synonymous with unexpected – and unexplained – tragedy.

While what happened thirty years ago is still being unpicked by Internet conspiracy theorists, however, the lives of the handful of survivors are a matter of public record. In this recreation of the fabled Yearbook of ’93, some of the best emerging writers of horror and strange fiction revisit the years that followed the tragedy, and the lives of those who walked away on that fateful day.

Some might say they were the lucky ones. The reality is not so clear.

“We all live in the shadow of Wellbrook High – it’s been called the tragedy that defined a generation… That’s why this book feels so important, and so long overdue – as we go back to Wellbrook, and pay witness to those who had the courage and the strength and, yes, the simple luck to pull through. A timely work, and an urgent one.”
—Robert Shearman

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  • Format ~ Anthology
  • Length ~ 216 Pages
  • Published ~ 28th March 2024
  • ISBN ~ 978-1-913038-85-4

Featuring: Carrion ~ Lucie McKnight Hardy | Finger and Palm ~ Malcolm Devlin & Helen Marshall | Amusements ~ Verity Holloway | As I Want You To Be ~ Ray Cluley | Hyperlink ~ Polis Loizou | The Crumbling Edifice ~ Ashley Stokes | Habitual ~ Daniel Carpenter | Shadowing ~ Penny Jones | As If Your Mouth Were Sewn Shut ~ C.C. Adams | Shadow Burdens ~ Charlotte Bond | Trial ~ Phil Sloman | Comments On This Video Have Been Disabled ~ James Everington