The Finite

-by Kit Power

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“The Finite started as a dream; an image, really, on the edge of waking. My daughter and I, joining a stream of people walking past our house. We were marching together, and I saw that many of those behind us were sick, and struggling, and then I looked to the horizon and saw the mushroom cloud. I remember a wave of perfect horror and despair washing over me; the sure and certain knowledge that our march was doomed, as were we.

The image didn’t make it into the story, but the feeling did. King instructs us to write about what scares us. In The Finite, I wrote about the worst thing I can imagine; my own childhood nightmare, resurrected and visited on my kid.”

Kit Power

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  • Black Shuck Signature Series
  • Format ~ Novella
  • Length ~ 164 pages
  • Published ~ 13th July, 2019
  • ISBN ~ 978-1-913038-35-9