What Screams May Come

-by Sean Hogan

Available May

In England’s Screaming and Twilight’s Last Screaming, we saw how horror movies can act as a twisted mirror for the everyday realities of our own, increasingly horrific, world. Now, in What Screams May Come, Sean Hogan continues his metafictional exploration of genre cinema, mapping out the shifting boundaries between fact and fantasy, asking exactly what constitutes a horror movie and if such films can help illuminate a larger truth about the commonplace fictions of the society we live in.

In these thirteen previously uncollected stories, you’ll discover the links between films as disparate as King Kong, Mulholland Drive, Angel Heart, and Pink Floyd: The Wall. What would happen if Harry Angel’s latest missing persons investigation led him to cross paths with Dario Argento’s Three Mothers? What secret history connects Boris Karloff’s Body Snatcher to the malevolent Blind Dead? The answers can only be found at the shadowy intersection where celluloid dreams turn suddenly to screams…

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  • Format ~ Collection
  • Length ~ 326 Pages
  • Published ~ 30th May 2024