Quiet Houses

-by Simon Kurt Unsworth

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Nakata’s ghosts won’t stay dead…

A chambermaid’s seemingly innocent request is granted, an act of kindness that has dire consequences for a guest…
An unearthly light in an abandoned bungalow resolves the mystery of a missing child…
An invitation to a clifftop graveyard leads to a harrowing chase by things that remain unseen…
In an abandoned hotel, work is underway to upgrade the building but something is stalking the residents…

There is a hidden agenda to paranormal researcher Richard Nakata’s investigations into these houses. A commission that witnesses cattle lowing in the cow-sheds of Stack’s Farm long after they’ve been slaughtered, and a reckoning in the showhouse of 24 Glasshouse as he and his colleagues pay the price for creating their own ghost…

Simon Kurt Unsworth reinvents the classic English ghost story with a portmanteau collection that takes the haunted house genre and makes it scream… quietly.

The houses are quiet, it’s the residents who are screaming.

[Quiet Houses was previously published by Dark Continents in 2011.]

Paperback – £11.99

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  • Format ~ Collection
  • Length ~ 210 pages
  • Published ~ 31st October 2019
  • ISBN ~ 978-1-913038-38-0

Simon Kurt Unsworth is a World Fantasy Award nominee and the author of three previous collections: Lost Places (Ash-Tree Press, 2010), Strange Gateways (PS Publishing, 2014) and Diseases of the Teeth (Black Shuck Books, 2016). In addition, his short stories have featured in multiple editions of Black Static, the Terror Tales series and Best New Horror. His debut novel, The Devil’s Detective was released in 2015, with its sequel, The Devil’s Evidence released the following year.