Three Mothers, One Father

-by Sean Hogan

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Black Shuck Shadows brings you a pocket-size sample from the best in modern horror.


The Devil
(Histoires extraordinaires / Spirits of the Dead)

Bruno Legnani
(La casa dalle finestre che ridono /
The House with Laughing Windows)

(Le locataire / The Tenant)

Lucas Medev
(Ils / Them)

Dean Corso
(The Ninth Gate)

(Grave / Raw)

The Devil
(Lisa e il diavolo / Lisa and the Devil)

The Woman
(À l’intérieur / Inside)

Francesco Dellamorte
(Dellamorte Dellamore / Cemetery Man)

Countess Elizabeth Báthory
(Les lèveres rouge / Daughters of Darkness)

Mater Suspiriorum
Mater Tenebrarum
Mater Lachrymarum
(Suspiria & Inferno)

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  • Black Shuck Shadows, Book 20
  • Format ~ Micro-collection
  • Length ~ 210 pages
  • Published ~ 30th April 2020
  • ISBN ~ 978-1-913038-49-6