The Dregs Trilogy

-by Chris Kelso-

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From British Fantasy Award-nominated author Chris Kelso comes The Dregs Trilogy, a transgressive odyssey in three installments – SHRAPNEL APARTMENTS (Ginger Nuts of Horror Book of the Year 2017), UNGER HOUSE RADICALS (Ginger Nuts of Horror Book of the Year 2016) and RITUAL AMERICA – that will leave you dazzled, fascinated and shocked in equal measure.

“If there is such a thing as weird fiction, then this is it, with a capital ‘W’”
— John Langan

“A saxophone solo from the dark corner of a whiskey-soaked club, full of texture, haunting melody, and darkness”
— Nate Southard

“Someday soon people are going to be naming him as one of their own influences”
— INTERZONE magazine

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Paperback – £15.99

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  • Format ~ Collection
  • Length (H/B) ~ 366 pages
  • Length (P/B) ~ 536 pages
  • Published ~ January 2020