Wild Things


Edited by Steve J Shaw
Paperback, available now


  • Fish by Anna Taborska
  • Confession by Christopher Law
  • Scruffy Dog by D S Ullery
  • Hunting by Rachel Halsall
  • A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing by Darrel Duckworth
  • The Shape of Nothingness by Scott Shoyer
  • The Fragility of Flesh by Laura Mauro
  • Golden Moments by James Park
  • Leydra’s Maiden by Kelda Crich
  • Santa Marimbondo by G H Finn
  • Centipede by Helen Cattan-Prugl
  • The Change by Calum Chalmers
  • The Were-Dwarf by Johnny Mains

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There’s an animal in all of us, fighting to be released. For some, it is easy to contain, hidden behind a veneer of respectability. For others, it takes more work to show a human face to the world. And then there are those who simply pray that it never gets out…