Edited by Dean M Drinkel
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  • Porcelain by James Everington
  • Blood & Gingerbread by D T Griffith
  • The House of a Thousand Faces by Chris Stokes
  • Variety Night by Russell Proctor
  • After the End, the Beginning by Christine Morgan and Lucas Williams
  • The Man Who Fed the Foxes by Phil Sloman
  • Many Happy Returns by Kyle Rader
  • Trixie by Christopher Beck
  • The Face Collector by Stephanie Ellis
  • An Absent Host by F A Nosić
  • The Silencing Machine by Clockhouse London Writers
  • His Last Portrait by Adrian Cole
  • The Jar by the Door by Icy Sedgwick


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What does it mean to wear a mask… and what is a mask exactly? The answers to both questions can be found in these incredible stories, by thirteen new masters of the macabre, writing at the top of their game.